Other Dates

Other events in Allostock's history

c1272-1434 Allistock [Allostock]: Enrolment of charters. John, son of Adam de Allistock, to Robert, son of Richard de Grosvenor.

1324 Allostock: grant Andrew son of Henry le ?Saint to Robert son of Robert le Governor

1468 Hulme Manor: confirmation of a writ to administer the dowry of Johanne, late wife of Robert Grosvenor to John Legh and Emma his wife. Dowery consists of half Hulme Hall, the park and part of Allostock moss.

1560 Account of the chief rent (24s. 2d.) due from the Abbey of Vale Royal to the King from Allostocke

1613 There is reference to witchcraft in Allostock

1662 Speed’s Map shows “Allostocke”

1669 Gravestones at Lower Peover Church record burials from Allostock

1678 Allostock contributed to the building of St. Paul’s Cathedral

1689 The Allostock Memorandum was signed by 182 nonconformists and work started on Allostock Chapel. The school started about this time.

1726 Ann Shakerley’s will left money to provide apprenticeships for poor children

1727 Allostock was a prosperous area. It was recorded in the elections that Lower Peover had 5 votes, Little Peover had 3 and Plumley had 10. Allostock could boast 22. At this time only men who owned a substantial dwelling were allowed to vote.

Many thanks to Julia Wilson who provided much of the History section, and acknowledgements to the late Charles Bentley who resourced some of the local history and to Gordon Nisbett for much of the information on the history of Allostock School and the WI and others for local memories.