The Parish Field

The Parish Field

Parish Field

The Parish Council owns the Parish Field on behalf of the parishioners of Allostock and is responsible for its upkeep. The Village Hall is on the Parish Field and is run and maintained by volunteers, known as Allostock Social Committee.

benchThe Parish Council aims to support the hall through the use of the Parish Field for fund raising activities including the Field Day and a limited number of caravan rallies.

The Parish Council realises that, due to very wet weather, some damage may occur occasionally from the use of the Parish Field, however thanks are due to our volunteers, the Moseley Family, for keeping the field in such good condition for the benefit of parishioners and others who enjoy its rural atmosphere.

There are goal posts for junior football and the field is currently enjoyed by children, responsible dog walkers and others who enjoy sitting on the Millennium seat outside the Hall, enjoying the view

The field measures 2.34 acres and was bought for £500 in 1950.

Dog Owners

Can we please urge dog owners who use the Parish Field for exercising their pets to always use the “Poo Bags” for their dog’s waste. These bags are FREE and available in the container by the gate entrance.

Allostock, Lower Peover and Plumley Aid Fund

Allostock Parish Council has a representative on this charity  which uses the interest from endowments from these three Civil Parishes to distribute gifts at Christmas to residents who would welcome a little extra support.