Local Services

Local Services

Find out more about doctors, hospitals, Neighbourhood Watch and local policing

Hospitals and Doctors

There are several hospitals in the Northwich/Knutsford area but Allostock residents are usually referred to Leighton or Macclesfield. Leighton is a large hospital near Crewe providing in and out patient care. The nearest doctor’s surgery is at the Health Centre in Holmes Chapel but there are other doctors in Knutsford and Northwich. There is a volunteer car service to Holmes Chapel Health Centre and Leighton Hospital – contact Holmes Chapel Health Centre for further information Tel: 01477 533 100. There are pharmacies in Holmes Chapel, Knutsford and Northwich.

  Click here to view or download latest news from Holmes Chapel Health Centre


Allostock comes under Northwich/Winsford Policing Area.

Contact the Police on 999 in emergencies or use 101 for enquiries to your local policing team and for non-emergency calls.

Neighbourhood Watch

Some Home Watch signs have been put up and a member of the Parish Council has agreed to co-ordinate Home Watch news, police reports etc and to act as an information gatherer and provider. Contact:jgibbison@hotmail.com

Older residents are particularly advised to beware of “cold callers”.